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Suns Out Booms Out

It’s truly amazing how fast the crops grow, and how quickly each growing season seems to pass by. Those little corn plants I just posted pictures of, well they’re not so little anymore…

Baby Corn

Planting is done, but the work is far from over. As the crops emerge farmers head back out into the field to ensure they have everything they need to bring bountiful yields this Harvest.

Planting 2016

The weather for #plant16 tested our resilience. It was a wet Spring resulting in many challenges, and in some cases, flooding fields enough for some re-plant. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from this year’s planting season. Now it’s time to pray that the rain we had this Spring continues to fall throughout the Summer.

Winter Wonderland

February brought us such a beautiful snow, tho I’ve been informed it’s not so beautiful when you’re scooping out bunks in 10 ft. drifts. Not everybody loves snow, but since I’ve decided to settle down and stay in good old Nebraska I might as well embrace the changing seasons and bipolar weather. However, if I had it my way the snow would fall in December giving us a “White Christmas” rather than always dumping on us in time for Valentine’s Day. Maybe next year!

Summer in the Winter.

Meet Herbie.

Jagger Michael

Riley Class of ’16

One word to describe Riley Tenopir… photogenic!

I was so excited when Riley contacted me to take her pictures. I had only taken Sean’s senior pictures, so she would be my second senior session and first senior girl photo session! How brave of her 🙂 Luckily, we were blessed with the most beautiful day and I love how the photos turned out. We strolled around the Tenopir farm and it was such a fun and casual photo session. This girl is extremely kind and patient. I wish her the best in her final year of high school and know she will have great success in whatever she chooses to do. PLUS there were lots of cute animals to play with!

Sean Class of ’16

August 21, 2015 = engaged.

August 23, 2015 = Sean’s photo shoot.

To say the least my mind was spinning. When? Where? Colors? Music? Bridesmaids? Etcetera.

Wait wait wait… pause those thoughts because the Mendliks have arrived! And if none of these pictures appear in Grandma Tawney’s annual family calendar then I have failed as a photographer.

Alright back to Sean. He’s a senior this year, a Bergan Knight and easily the least obnoxious out of my younger cousins. Sorry kids #truth. Sean helped me paint my chicken coop earlier this year and helped me with remodeling projects around my house the year before that. He’s always smiling … and just like Taylor I think he actually thinks I’m funny. Don’t believe me? I’ve got the photos to prove it! 🙂

Taylor Michelle Turns 6

On September 2, 2015, my oldest niece Taylor will turn 6. SIX! Yes, I said six years old. It’s really hard for me to believe this girl started kindergarten this year. This is the perfect time to listen to Taylor Swifts “Never Grow Up”… wait don’t listen to that, you’ll start crying. I about did.

Taylor is full of energy, and sweet dance moves. If you are around her for more than five minutes it’s likely she will ask you to play one of her favorite songs on your phone so she can perform a dance for you. She performed to “Tutu’s and Tennis Shoes” at her dance recital earlier this year. She’s the ringleader of my nieces and nephew. She loves kittens, we have that in common. She’s at an age where she still thinks I’m hilarious and I’m going to take advantage of that for as long as I possibly can!

Our conversation before starting this little photo shoot…

Me: Taylor I like your jewelry!

Taylor: Well we went shopping today, and when we go shopping Mom always wears jewelry, so I said, “MOM I need to wear jewelry today too!”