trinjensen photography


I grew up in North Bend, Nebraska and have been passionate about agriculture and the rural lifestyle for as long as I can remember. I was raised on a corn and soybean farm and learned to appreciate the simple things in life at an early age. After living in the city and traveling early in my career working for RFD-TV, I decided it was time to make my way back to North Bend.

In 2016 my husband, Jordan and I were married and now I can add Farmer’s Wife to my resume. As a Farmer’s Wife and Farmer’s Daughter there are endless opportunities for me to focus my lens on the farming lifestyle.

We recently purchased an acreage close to our families and are working to make our fixer-upper house our home! Nothing makes me happier than a good cup of coffee and tending to my garden with our golden retriever Summer by my side.

I work full-time for the creative marketing department at Central Valley Ag Cooperative and am fortunate to work behind the screen from my office at home. I also volunteer as a Youth Minister for our church working with Juniors and Seniors throughout the school year.

Capturing precious memories for clients brings me so much joy! So, contact me and let’s work together to create something amazing.

To see the day to day shenanigans on our farm and in my life, follow me on Instagram.

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